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Teaching History ep. 8 - Medieval Europe

Middle Ages Dbq 1. You must discuss three labels. Developing a Thesis After you analyze the sources provided, what conclusion can you make about which label best describes the Middle Ages? Pay attention to who the authors of each document are. Are they reliable sources? Is there overwhelming evidence that supports one aspect over another? The Middle Ages has a reputation for being a time of disorder and ignorance, however, it should be known as a golden age for its major achievements in art and architecture.

Take some time to write a thesis of your own! The Middle Ages should be labeled as the Age of Feudalism because this decentralized system dominated and influenced the political, economic and social aspects of Western Europe. Life during the Middle Ages is proof that even during times of violence and destruction, humans will do all they can to learn and preserve knowledge and new ideas.

Therefore, it should be labeled as a Golden Age. A commoner A chart depicting the amount of lives lost during the Barbaric invasions A passage from a book or a drawing that depicts the intellectual work of the monks in the monasteries A diary entrance to understand what influenced their lives the most. What was most important to them and why?

Probably, their daily lives were consumed with work and dominated by Church law.

There was probably not much time for education and recreation. This would help prove the massive extent to which civilization was destroyed by the Germanic invasions.


DBQ Middle Ages Essay Example

It would interesting to compare these numbers to the losses of the Eastern Empire which was able to retain their centralized government. This document may provide evidence of the preservation of Greco-Roman ideas, the illumination of the Bible, or perhaps evidence of bee keeping, beer making, or medical studies.

How does each document prove a point? Why are these sources reliable? Why are these sources not reliable? Should provide two! You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. She is well integrated into a group of about five peers, and every day I observed her laughing, smiling, and in general playing with these peers.

For example, On April 24, when I first encountered her, she was running around without a shoe! I then noticed that she was deep in the middle of a game where one of her friends takes her shoe and runs with it, or she takes one of their shoes. When I became a player in her group, I saw Emm drawing new people into the group, advising them on who was it in the chase game we played. This is where Emm has some limitations. For example, she frequently cries. Our first interaction occurred on April 24, when I tried to give her a time out, and she responded by crying.

The Middle Ages was the era between and in Europe there was a lot going during this time. There are many ways to describe it. The conditions on Europe were horrible.

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This is because of all the terror the trade ceased and peasants abandoned the fields to avoid the violence of the anarchy. In an excerpt from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles it says that in , during the dark ages, there was a great slaughter in London, Quentavic and in Rochester. Because of this, men loaded their boats with their goods and returned to their own country.

Doc 3. During the Age of Feudalism, Vassals and Lords had feudal obligations to each other. Vassals owed loyalty, military service and ransom, if needed, to their lords.

Lords who owned their land, or fiefs, and protection to their Vassals. Doc 4. In an excerpt from the Homage Oath taken by John Toul it informs that Toul was making it knows that he was the liege if the count and countess of Champagne. Since he was the liege, he would aid the count of Champagne in his own person and he would send his knights to count and countess, who he owes service to for the fief that he holds of theirs My expectations of the late adulthood population of veterans were moderately different than what I ended up observing. Because these clients are indeed homeless, I envisioned most of them would keep to themselves.

I have seen homeless individuals both on the streets of New York City and in certain shelters, and most are not very talkative. On the contrary, the clients were overall friendly and especially social amongst their age group population. I was also expecting them to isolate given their age since they had no family around them, and I did not necessarily expect the individuals at the shelter to be friends. At this point in their lives, this age population typically has established a set of family and friends and often is not looking for more.

It is not a sociable age where individuals often gather with friends similar to the adolescent and young adult populations. This was also incorrect, and it seemed as if they bonded solely for this reason.

Dbq the european middle ages essay

I also assumed the observations to be similar within all three settings. I anticipated minor differences, but none like the ones I observed. This opinion proved to be incorrect, and the clients acted differently in both obvious and subtle ways. The more obvious changes included a shift of attitude.

In addition, while potentially undetected through a normal lens, the clients acted The pope is the head of the Catholic Church. During the Early Church, the bishops of Rome enjoyed no temporal power until the time of Constantine. The fall of Rome began the middle ages around ad. The papacy at the start of the middle ages was influenced by the temporal rulers of the surrounding Italian Peninsula; these periods are known as the Ostrogothic Papacy, Byzantine Papacy, and Frankish Papacy.

Over time, the papacy consolidated its territorial claims to a portion of the peninsula known as the Papal States. Thereafter, the role of neighboring sovereigns was replaced by powerful Roman families during the saeculum obscurum, the Crescentii era, and the Tusculan Papacy. A fateful event for the papacy was the donation of lands made to the pope by the Frankish king Pepin the Short in The papacy had already been given lands, but it was the Donation of Pepin that came to be considered the real as well as the symbolic founding of the Papal States.

The pope thus became a powerful lay prince as well as an ecclesiastical ruler. This intermingling of powers was a determining condition in the struggle between church and state that was a main theme in the history of the West in the Middle Ages. Strong lay princes attempted to direct the church just as the pope tried Christians had long been persecuted by the Roman Empire because the Romans felt that Christianity challenged and offended the Greco-Roman Gods and the Christians were prone to revolt against Roman rule. Christianity survived because it had many teachings that appealed to the downtrodden in Roman society, these teachings being that even though they were suffering they would gain equality and possibly superiority in the next life, Christianity gave them hope.

He did and won the battle decisively giving credit to the Christian God and then proceeded to favor Christianity over all religions in the Empire. Under his rule Roman citizens converted in droves. When the Western Roman Empire collapsed around A. Germanic tribes began to invade and take over these areas and the rule of law became almost non-existent.

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The Catholic Church maintained its organization giving the Christians a place to look for guidance during this Peace and war continued throughout the High-Middle Ages yet wars lasted longer and several issues arose impacting both war and peace. This paper includes an explanation of the people affected in the High-Middle Ages consisting of, Christianity in Europe, the Crusades failure, the structure of a feudal society, and death beyond belief.

Christianity surfaced through the beliefs of Jews and creating the rise of Christianity began. The expansion of Christianity during the reign of the Roman Empire threatened the Empire. The Empire wanted power and if Christians has all power the Roman Empire failed as leaders. This threat began the stages of persecution towards Christians and the aggravation ceased when Emperor Constantine obtained his Roman throne.

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Christianity held strong and dominated Europe after the collapse of the Roman Empire. Christianity dominated people of both the poor and the rich. Christianity dominated and Crusaders wanted nothing more than to take over the Holy Land In the Middle Ages, China thought of herself as the center of the world, naming herself as the Middle Kingdom, and the rest of the world was drawn to her because of her wealth, technology, And culture.

However, China stagnated later and, after losing out in the Opium Wars in the mid nineteenth past century, she found subject to a quasi-colonial rule by European powers. After a long period of wars and revolutions, China is now staging a spectacular comeback, and the question that is engaging the minds of scholars and policy makers alike is what lies ahead of this resurgent China, and how her resurgence will influence the world. The population and growth issue is in China has been around for a long time. Population policies in the s and s were fluctuating between pro and anti growth.