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Helvetica is the premium font that Arial pretends to be — it has true bold and italics. Also check out Lato at Google fonts — it has a plethora of weights and styles that you can use.

An insight into life at Surrey from two current Vietnamese students.

Roboto may also be option, also on Google fonts. Good on you for sourcing out a real italic! I am joining this conversation a little late, but I am a believer that for academic work to be noticed, or read, among thousands of other articles, it has to look good. That point aside, a well-formatted document with a good serif font looks more authoritative and should be a default for academic documents.

Many times over, I put off reading papers or theses that are relevant to my research because they look over-crowded cough TNR , and figures are unprofessional or messy. Now an examiner is obligated to read a thesis, but you should do what you can to entice them to start reading sooner. But ultimately, do it for you. Take inspiration the most reputable journals nature, The New Yorker online for what fonts to use and how to mix them if you so wish.

When formatting a document I like to think of the reader, and what I personally like to see as a one.

Bright pages, clearly formatted text and figures, and a general harmony in the document. My favourite calibri alternative is lato, which is a great all rounder — for both text and headings. Fontsgeek also has typefaces perfect for books, such as Garamond and Baskerville. Finally, a personal plea: try out something like latex for your thesis. I have read so many articles regarding the blogger lovers however this post is truly a nice post, keep it up.

So if you need to buy assignments online right now, there are no barriers to doing it. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. March 30, September 24, To my eye, Calibri looks a little too casual for the body of a thesis.

Why I Use LaTeX to Write Professionally And You Should Too #045

However, some of them Georgia and Constantia, for example feature non-lining numerals, which means that instead of all sitting neatly on the base line, some will stand higher or lower than others, just like letters do. This looks nice when they are integrated with the text, but it is probably not what you want for a tabular display. Consider using a different typeface for your headings. It will make them more prominent, which enhances overall readability because the eye scanning the pages can quickly take in the hierarchy of ideas.

The easiest way to get a good contrast with your serif body text is to have sans serif headings. Calibri Constantia. Times New Roman. Like this: Like Loading Happy writing! Pingback: What font should I choose for my thesis? I am considering Sitka Heading or Sitka Subheading.

Does anyone have any views on these fonts? I used Segoe UI because of its good legibility on screen and in print. Has anyone else used it?

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Hi Jane, Thank for this great post! Thanks so much! Hi jane, I am about to finish my thesis and my font is Cambria for both heading and body with size Pingback: Seasons greetings and some holiday reading! The Thesis Whisperer. Pingback: Sins against the comma The Thesis Whisperer.

What do you think? Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Do they have a background in programming? That would be the question to ask. If not, summarize the code, and walk the reader through the logical process of the code.

Perhaps a flowchart would be useful. If you aren't required to do it in a particular format, I'd recommend publishing the code online and using a nice LaTeX code formatting package for the parts you want to share in the print version. My personal favorite is minted.

I would argue that there are no real style guidelines, except maybe the only one I've ever been given not to drown your audience in lines of code, thus use excerpts and pseudo-code whenever possible. However, to still put your code full-length on paper, you pretty much should have it readable on-screen already. You might have a little refactoring to do, if you expect people to actually read it. Your main options most popular on a subjective scale of googleability to achieve the latter are.

The only guidelines I could find in the wild were on this random project report page , of rather small scale pages , and they are rather succinct :. Format: Use [ Yes, your code should be in the appendix, monospaced, single column. You do not have to turn in all code used in your experiment; use your best judgement. You may want to include only relevent sections of code. For example, you should not include code that someone else wrote, unless you made major modifications.

My Views - Criticisms are most welcome :)

If your code is pages, you should not print all of it. If your code is 6 pages, then you should print all of it. The standard is to use 10 point courier font for computer code, monospaced, single column. You may want to include only relevant sections of code. EDIT Usage of Courier is of my personal choice from the list of standard 10pt fonts usable for codes. Good programmers write code that humans can understand. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? The Stack Overflow podcast is back! Listen to an interview with our new CEO. Sign up to join this community. Research : Usually not necessary, reading literature and citing from this is enough Often necessary need to read literature and cite from it and do some practical research Layout: Usually one document without section headings for an essay, and headings for a report.


Must includes different sections with specific headings, e. Literature Review etc.

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Masters degree Length: Usually about 3, words max. Usually around 15, words max. Time to. Your dissertation will show not only your understanding of your modules but also your mastery of academic skills. Moreover, it demonstrates that you can conduct researches and work independently. Remember that you may not do only one research in your lives, and this dissertation will be your remarkable experience of organising a project and managing your time effectively.

Frankly, there are two kinds of the dissertation which Surrey gave us: traditional and applied one. I would like to talk more about applied dissertation which may be interesting to some of you. It is an alternative to the traditional dissertation and gives you the opportunity to work in close collaboration with an industry organisation to address a real world problem they are facing. While you gain access to resources and data unavailable to most traditional dissertation students, you must also be committed to delivering high-quality research for the organisation.

If you are interested in them, I encourage you to review these opportunities and then submit a CV and cover letter on surreylearn — if you are a student of University of Surrey. Honestly, I chose to write a traditional dissertation while many friends of me tried to submit an applied one. To me, it depends on what kind of topic areas you are interested in. So I just pass the 2 and waiting for feedback then I can move on to next steps.