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Here, we see more jury cases. Unfortunately, we also begin to see the shortcomings of judges who do not follow their sentencing guidelines. Judges begin to assume that they understand how a crime should be punished and thus sentence it in their own manner. An interesting contrast to take note of is how the two models differ in their methods of sentencing a crime.

Here we see that after being sentenced you should be rehabilitated, which lends to this model having a long time period in the system. It is assumed that criminals can be changed into the ideal citizen they were meant to be. This shows how this model would not believe in the death penalty. Lastly, let us look to the policy implications of each model. The Crime Control Model is swift and deals with an eye for an eye. However, we see here that everything is meant to be done with speed in order to save time.

Outline the key features of the 'crime control' and 'due process' models of criminal justice

In many cases, we see this causes reoccurring offenders who really never learn from their punishments. With the Due Process Model we are seeking to make sure every individual criminal is taken care of equally. This, however, takes a lot of time, which causes many cases to be rushed through the system, as compared to bigger bolder cases.

Models of criminal procedure

This poses a slight hypocrisy in this systems own beliefs insofar as each criminal is not being treated equally. As it seems to be apparent with all systems, these two models have both equal pros and cons within them. This is because we see that the systems only exist as a dichotomy long engrained in the U. The main problem is that there is no correct way to deal with every crime because laws and morals are cultural things.

Two Models of Crime Processing in the USA and Their Features

As discussed in class, there are only a few universal morals, which is why we do support the use of two models in the Criminal Justice System. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website.

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Crime Control vs Due Process

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The crime control model should prevail

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