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Every title is popular with our 2nd and 3rd graders. They run from 2nd - 5th grade Accelerated Reader levels.

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The books have plenty of good information for biography reports for 2nd graders. The information is accurate and put together in an interesting way.

There are illustrations running through each book to enhance the story. However, Sally Ride has less interesting illustrations than most books in this series. The quality of the paperback is good. These are a "go to" for our students. I have many of them because of this in our school library.

One person found this helpful. My 5th grade daughter had to write a This book was great! My 5th grade daughter had to write a research report using three sources so we needed something informative, simple yet quick to read so she would have plenty of time to focus on the actual writing of the paper. This book foot the bill. And it had lots of photographs of Ride.

I purchased this book as a gift for my 9-yr-old neighbor and additional copies for my adult ESL students. The adults really appreciated it, both for its readability for people learning English and for its inspirational subject matter, ie, Sonia Sotomayor.

This was the perfect book for my second grader. Easy to read and had a great timeline in it,as well. Perfect for her Living Museum project at school. Great book for a girl wanting to knew more about a great american hero. Wonderful book for my 7 year old grandson. Great Product! We needed a book on Sally Ride for a project my daughter is doing for school and this was a really cute and informational book. Feiwel and Friends, ISBN: The ISBN is Author Doreen Rappaport uses Lincoln's own quotations to complement her brief biography and emphasize his feelings about slavery, education and other issues important to the United States.

Dramatic paintings by award-winning artist Kadir Nelson add greatly to the book's impact.

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There are a number of valuable resources at the end of the book: an annotated list of important dates, a recommended reading list of children's books about Abraham Lincoln, recommended Web sites, selected research sources, and the complete text of Lincoln's Gettyburg address. The book serves as a unique biography of Abraham Lincoln by focusing on 10 important days in Lincoln's life, days which remain important to our country's history and development. Some of the days covered include: Lincoln's debates with Senator Stephen A.

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Much of 10 Days: Abraham Lincoln is written in the present tense, creating a sense of drama and immediacy for the reader. Historical photographs throughout the book add to the reader's enjoyment.

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Making his presidency difficult since the beginning. Lincoln 's father, Thomas chose Abraham to be his name after his father, who. Why is Abraham Lincoln such an amazing person? Who is he? What did he do to change America for the better? Almost everyone should know about Lincoln. Lincoln was not the man everyone thought was fit for the job, they all thought he was less than what he was.

Lincoln showed them that he is one of the best presidents America has had. There is a chance America could still have slavery in the country if Lincoln did not step in and start to end slavery. Lincoln was a big part of this countries history. The civil war had commenced just two days earlier and the crowd was jubilant. Abraham Lincoln has been studied more than any other in American history. In fact, over 15, different books have been written about our 16th president. Throughout the pages of these books, President Lincoln is affectionately referred to by many different names, such as the Railsplitter, Honest Abe, and the Great Emancipator.

A vast majority of these written works honor Lincoln as one of our greatest presidents. Not everyone feels that way, however. Charles Adams, in his book, When in the Course. For decades the citizens of the United States had fought over the issues of slavery, the rights of the states, and economic policies.

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Under President Jackson , the national bank that the federalist had supported had been destroyed. Jackson probably kept the states together for a long time that is until Abraham Lincoln became president. By the time of the presidency of Abraham Lincoln.

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He changed the entire history of this nation with just a few words and one of the bloodiest wars in American history. Beginning in the Lincoln Memorial started being pressed on the back. Theatre in Washington, D. This enjoyable gathering soon turned to tragedy for the American leaders. In the middle of the performance, shots were fired and blood was shed while the unassuming audience sat oblivious to the events unfolding.

John Wilkes Booth executed his scheme to assassinate President Lincoln, one of the most important and. His father Thomas Lincoln was a carpenter and farmer who was always very poor. Both of his parents were members of a Baptist congregation which had split from another church because of its views against slavery. This is where Abe first developed his own opposition to slavery. When Abe was nine the family moved to Spencer, Indiana, and his mother Nancy died from milk sickness.

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Milk sickness was. He could have run for senator in Illinois, lost, and only been a footnote in history, but instead he went on to be one of the most important presidents in the history of the United States. This happened not just because of his strong morals and his ideas, although that was a large part of it, but also for other reasons.

He knew how to remain moderate enough that he would appear to not only the most loyal. Abraham Lincoln was born Sunday, February 12, , in a log cabin near Hodgenville, He was the son of Thomas and Nancy and he was named for his paternal grandfather. Thomas Lincoln was a carpenter and farmer. Both of Abraham's parents were members of a Baptist congregation which had separated from another church due to opposition to slavery.