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American Law Reports frequently abbreviated and referred to as ALR contains in-depth articles on narrow topics of the law.

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ALR articles, called annotations, provide background, analysis, and citations to relevant cases, statutes, law review articles, and other annotations. Visit this guide for more information about American Law Reports. Treatises range from single volume overviews to extensively detailed multi-volume sets.

They may come in the form of bound books updated with pocket parts or looseleafs with easily replaced pages. Some treatises are intended for law students while others are meant for practicing lawyers.

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If you need help finding a relevant treatise, this guide will provide you with some of the most useful titles in each subject. Where available, it is noted if the treatise is available on Lexis or Westlaw. Please keep in mind that this availability may change without notice. Law review or journal articles are another great secondary source for legal research, valuable for the depth in which they analyze and critique legal topics, as well as their extensive references to other sources, including primary sources.

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Law reviews are scholarly publications, usually edited by law students in conjunction with faculty members. They contain both lengthy articles and shorter essays by professors and lawyers, as well as comments, notes, or developments in the law written by students. Law review articles often focus on new or emerging areas of law and they can offer more critical commentary than a legal encyclopedia or ALR entry. Some law reviews are dedicated to a particular topic, such as gender and the law or environmental law, and will include in their contents the proceedings of a wide range of panels and symposia on timely legal issues.

Be sure to change search settings in advance or filter the results after constructing your search. Restatements are highly regarded distillations of common law. They are prepared by the American Law Institute ALI , a prestigious organization comprising judges, professors, and lawyers. The ALI's aim is to distill the "black letter law" from cases to indicate trends in common law, and occasionally to recommend what a rule of law should be.

In essence, they restate existing common law into a series of principles or rules. Restatements cover broad topics, such as Contracts or Property.

They are organized into chapters, titles, and sections. Sections contain a concisely stated rule of law, comments to clarify the rule, hypothetical examples, explanation of purpose, as well as exceptions to the rule. Restatements are not primary law.

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Due to the prestige of the ALI and its painstaking drafting process, however, they are considered persuasive authority by many courts. The Restatements are available in print and on both Lexis and Westlaw. Visit this guide for more information about finding Restatements, including a list of Restatements by topic. Bloomberg , Lexis , and Westlaw provide access to primary legal sources as well as secondary sources in some cases.

Primary legal sources include:. Browsing by topic or practice area can help you can find cases, statutes, regulations, secondary sources and the latest information from the field all in one place.

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You can search for specific terms or use the filers to refine your results. There are also many sources of free legal legal information online. Visit this guide for helpful links and resources. Olivieri, Sergio Olsson, Sven E. Ozawa, Martha N.

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