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The winners for this year's competition have been announced.

Applying Game Theory in A Level Economics

Our annual lecture provides an opportunity for school students to watch internationally-renowned economists present their research. We support the work of the Economics Network which provides resources for students and universities. Share this page. Young Economist of the Year competition in association with the Financial Times The winners for this year's competition have been announced. Could better economic decisions have been taken about HS2?

2015 ISRF Essay Prize in Economics Awarded to Prof

Yet, it is fair to assume that if cause is avoidable, then at some point, effect can be avoided too and conversely, if cause is inevitable, then at some point, effect is inevitable too. Consensus exists that matters such as territory are irresolvable in global politics.

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It is impossible to increase the amount of land in the world and to change the fact that our wants are unlimited. This scarcity often leads to disputes.

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While often, the disputes are limited to legal and economic conflict, in other instances, concerned parties resort to using force, particularly when those parties are geographically close. The steps to war theory in fact suggests that war and conflict can arise owing to such reasons. An example of the steps to war theory applying to present day global politics is the case of Israel and Palestine disputing territory which has often escalated to military conflicts.

Another relevant example of violent conflict due to irresolvable matters is the case of Iraq and Syria fighting the Islamic State IS terror group to reclaim their territory.

The rise of China onto the forefront of the world stage is both remarkable and concerning, signalling at the very least a threat to the present world order, currently dominated by the ever-present hand of the United States. Since the Second World War, the US has acted to cement its place at the apex of this world order, with its sphere of influence — economically, politically and militarily — extending across the globe.

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To truly address and consider this, one must first look at the current global situation. There are three key domains with which influence can be ascertained, and therefore which must be considered: economic, military, and political power. Despite this, though, as the Shanghai Composite Index crash in showed, the Chinese economy is invariably volatile. Click here to cancel reply.

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Twitter Twitter. LSE UPR inaugural essay competition winners announced This year the LSE UPR launched its inaugural essay competition, aimed at incoming or outgoing year 12s and 13s or equivalent , to give them real experience in writing an academic essay.

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