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He and others are remembered for their enormous contribution in practical nonfiction. This was a unique and creative form of writing adopted by American writers in the romance period just after their democracy.

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It displayed various aspects of the society on some whole another level. Not to forget William Bryant, who brought a new approach to poetry writing that completely, changed parts of the typical English traditions of essays and poems. Henry was a great author born in Massachusetts in July History remembers him as a massive influence on the community of America through his creative works and talks.

Unlike his time of existence, he was a non-conformer who believed that everyone ought to create their ideal ways of culture and traditions they fit well into. Through his talks and writings, he managed to express his concerns and opinions on the human form of life and was quite a skeptic towards the changes that came about in one's lifetime. He was an advocate for a simple life and was against the unnecessary complexities that humans bring upon themselves.

During his time, there were also other speakers and writers who were against his perceptions and went ahead to criticize his works despite the creativity and adventure it brought to American literature. Many of the critics were British authors who were amazed by the creativity he posed. Ralph is another great writer of the romantic era.

Classic British and American Essays and Speeches

During his entire life, he managed to compose several essay and poems with some featuring some aspects of the Spanish culture. He found inspiration from the customs and traditions of the American and Spanish community and used writing to express a view on them. He majored on romance and had a gentle style of putting it across to his listeners. This gathered quite an audience, and many of his readers called him the romance guru. This era of romance only went for too long until war kicked in and changed everything.


Terror now replaced the romance vibe that existed. There was a never-ending civil war that ensued between people of the North and those of South America. It went on for some time, and later on, the North came out as victors of this devastating war. This came with a considerable paradigm shift in the way things were done for those who shifted to the North adopted a whole new culture that was very much different from the one before. This is the remarkable dawn of a new age of natural selection where only the tough get to succeed.

This period was known as realism and gave birth to writers that have never been experienced. This was a period of creativity, ingenuity, and competition, or else your essay writing wouldn't be recognized. Exemplary essays and poems were written by smart thinkers and genius people who produced the best American writers in time. We are ye to experience a more profound and involving age like this one. Realism involved the use of literary tools like satire, humor, and imagery to put across your ideas.

The goal was to make your descriptions and stories as vivid and involving as they could get. Some of the greatest authors of this age were;. Jack was a brilliant mind in the realism era. His primary focus of writing was on the success of the many people of the community.

He made it his duty to follow through the footsteps of the road to success, and this was evident on how he crafted his papers. Some individuals went through the tough times that this realism era posed and fought through to succeed.

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And just like we earlier on said, this a time of doing or die and so you can imagine. Aside from Jack London, this was also a magnificent writer during the times of realism. His primary focus was on cohesion. What were some of the relationships America had with other nations during that time?

10 Contemporary American Essayists to Read Right Now

He analyzed and researched on America's cohesion and international relations. His approach and perspective towards writing were that of appreciating and making people see the importance of national cohesion and what better international relations could do to other individuals. America at that time was a nation recovering from the civil war and was building bridges to more fabulous and favorable country.

James also wrote essays and poems, among the top poems being The Art of Fiction. The famous American writers are quite many, and we can name them all. Besides, we are not listing but instead sharing some knowledge on some of their magnificent works of literature. Go and check out some of the books covered by these essayists and appreciate the great skill they possess. Famous American Writers. For instance; John Woolman This was a clergyman turned activist during the colonial times. Samuel Sewall Sam was also a victim of colonial oppression. Over his 59 years of writing, he managed to come up with 12 novels.

This was after he mastered the French language and culture and later on published a book by the name The Naked and the Dead. This was a top novel during his era having been the bestselling novel for some time, going over a million copies during the first year. It talked about combat and is to date remembered among the leading wartime novels in the history of American literature.

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His love for literature came during his study at the College of Harvard, prompting him to begin his writing at eighteen years. He is remembered in that institution as one of the best essayists and was honored for doing so. Some of his top essays include;. Hemingway was among the famous writers during the modern time era. The writer expresses his sadness about the confused society of today.

How well can one rise from some of the societal norms that hold us back from achieving our best and grooming self-esteem? History lives to remember such outstanding writers who'll live to inspire generations to come. Among the significant contributions is introducing g the shortest essay writing. Hemingway took many by surprise when he added a six words essay that to date is something to remember. He used the most straightforward approaches to composing his essays.

Most of his essays and poems were easy to read and straightforward. He kept of ambiguity and complexity in every one of the works but strived to make people understand the intent of his message. This famous American writer is still breathing. You can as well call her and ask how she made it in the literature industry. As young as five years old, Joan started writing her essays and poems.

This was a significant milestone for her while she stayed back at home and her parents left for work. Within the house, there were several books based on different subjects of literature. Joan managed to read all the books in the house. Such approaches are what geared her towards writing and even better developed her interest in writing.

Famous american essayists and their works

Later on in life, she got a Bachelor's degree in the English language. This was a big step that assisted with improving her writing skills by adopting more literary styles of writing and appreciating the many traditions. You won't miss mentioning Joan whenever you recognized the famous essayists in the 20 th century.

She later worked with the popular Vogue magazine, and you'd agree with us that not many get a chance to work with them. Who doesn't know Stephen King? If at all, you're a horror fan, at some point you've come across some of his great works in literature. Born in the state of Maine, and at the moment resides in Bangor town.

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