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Scoville WB selective cortical undercutting as a means of modifying and studying frontal lobe function in man: preliminary report of 43 operative cases. Other characteristics of frontal lobe disorders include reduced activity, particularly a reduction of spontaneous activity, lack of drive, lack of concern, and an inability to plan ahead.

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Restless, aimless uncoordinated behavior is sometimes associated with this. Patients may show an indifference to the world around them affect may be disturbed, with apathy and emotional blunting. On some occasions, a euphoria and disinhibition are described. The euphoria is unlike a mania, it instead has an empty quality to it. The disinhibition leads to mar Continue reading this essay Continue reading. Toggle navigation MegaEssays.

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What this new understanding of personality means is that people are only introverted, agreeable, conscientious, emotionally stable, and open to new experiences to the extent that their repeated patterns say they are. With enough adjustments to these patterns over time, it seems that people can change who they are. This is all good in theory, but what does it mean in practice?

Research shows that people tend to become more mature and well-adjusted as they age: The typical year-old is more self-disciplined than about 85 percent of early adolescents, and more agreeable than about 75 percent of them.

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Social roles matter, too. As someone becomes more invested in a job , they often become more conscientious; likewise, when someone becomes more invested in a long-term relationship , they tend to become more emotionally stable and have higher self-esteem. They want to know whether they can change their personalities because they want to. Instead of changing jobs, entering a long-term relationship, or adopting a new identity, can people change their personalities intentionally? Some studies hint at this possibility. Another study , from , found that students strategically chose extracurricular activities that they thought would boost certain desirable characteristics, such as leadership.

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More recently, Nathan Hudson and Chris Fraley, researchers at Michigan State University and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign , respectively, looked at a sample of undergraduates who declared their goals to change their personality across a variety of dimensions e. Then, each week, they took personality tests to measure personality growth over time.

In this condition, the researchers reminded the students of the traits they most wanted to change and asked them to come up with specific and concrete steps e. However, the intervention did not boost growth in agreeableness beyond merely wanting to be more agreeable. The changes happened slowly over the course of the semester, and resulted in some, but not radical, change. According to their theory, first, people are motivated to adopt a difficult, or even impossible, personal growth goal e.

So they convince themselves that with a few minor adjustments, they can still achieve success.

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Finally, with renewed determination, but with only minor changes to their plan or their expectations about the rate of change, they set out again, propelled by their hope for the future, only to once again be disappointed. This cycle can continue forever.