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“the Seafarer” and “the Wanderer” analysis | Poetry | Religion And Belief

These poems are not meant to be read as merely stories, but are to be taken as lessons for the way which the people hearing them live their own lives. Where is the warrior? Where is his war-lord? However, while they both teach lessons, they are of different subject material.

Orchards blossom, the towns bloom, fields grow lovely as the world springs fresh, and all these admonish that willing mind, leaping to journeys, always set in thoughts of traveling on a quickening tide.

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The conclusion of the inner struggle of the Seafarer was that he should rest at his true home, heaven. The conclusion however, seems insufficient as if parts of the argument are missing or the author is changing topics. The beginning of poem is a story, which then changes to a moral, which again shifts to a prayer, similar to The Wanderer in that they both contain all three aspects. The struggle of the Wanderer is that of a completely different nature.

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The lessons these poems attempt to teach are significant, however different they might be, but both poems seem to end unsatisfactorily, the Seafarer with a sudden conclusion, and the Wanderer with a sense of uncertainty. The final lines of the poem seem to imply bitterness and possibly regrets with the decisions that have led the author to where he is. However, this may be intended, meant to imply that there is a point at which we must trust something greater than ourselves, in the cases of both of these poems, God.

The poems, while both conveying points in an effective and similar manner, are so diverse in their viewpoints and arguments that they have almost no similarities in their concepts other than trust in God. Their arguments, while not being opposite, are not related in almost any manner except the way in which they are communicated.


Exeter Book Summary and Analysis of "The Seafarer"

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