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The ICD defines obesity as a medical condition, expressed in eating disorder rather than a psychiatric disorder. In consideration of the background, it is interesting to observe that both groups in the present study scored high on the EDI-2 sub-scales for eating disorder symptoms and that no significant differences were found between the groups. The instrument EDI-2 was designed to assess eating disorders rather than obesity.

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Eating behaviour is subject to influences of a multitude of affect-modulating conditions in which individuals develop personal attributes and acquire attitudes and habits that may be life-long, unless altered by circumstance; the affective component of eating disorder and AN, in particular, has been shown [28].

As a measure aimed at facilitation of psychological and physical health, it would appear more appropriate to rescind control needs regarding food intake and eating behaviour than to abstain drastically from intake of necessary nutrients. The observation that body and weight concerns predicted AN diagnosis [28], implies that cognitive-emotions or selective attentional processes may either contribute to or bolster the disorder.

Certainly, any need for control and a specific body shape and weight may in turn motivate dietary restraint and an operationalization into behavioural strategies and dietary rules that can either be successful resulting in weight loss or fail in implementation subjective or objective binge eating episodes arising, e. AN patients display impairments in several aspects of social cognition [31,32], with specific regard to social signals reflecting emotional states of those in their proximity [33,34] and an exaggerated tendency to observe body rather than eyes [35].

In the present study, AN patients expressed higher levels of alexithymic symptoms than the OB patients.

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It was found also that the AN condition was predicted by three factors shape concern and weight concern whereas positive affect was counter-predictive [28]. In another previous study observing a different group of patients [36], it was indicated that AN patients displayed higher levels of negative affect and negative emotions, more stress and depression, greater sleeping problems, pain, and use of analgesic drugs and mood-enhancing drugs, together with lower levels of positive affect and positive emotions but higher levels of physical activity.

Regression analysis indicated that the diagnosed AN condition was predicted by negative affect, sleeping problems, use of mood-enhancing drugs exercise frequency. It was concluded that excessive exercise combined with depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive and addictive behaviors and sleep problems rendered AN representative from a perspective of multiple co-morbidities, possibly exacerbated through recurring bouts of starvation diets. It is possible also that those individuals who are unequipped to retain affective balance, through the pressures of childhood adversity, under conditions of emotional upheaval remain at risk for development of AN [37].

Suffice it to say, the present findings are in agreement with those obtained previously with different samples of the patient groups.

see Article options. Main article text. Introduction Patients presenting anorexia nervosa AN and those presenting obesity OB express marked differences in bodily appearance and shape, but these eating disorder patients, nevertheless, share several common features. Instruments The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory — MMPI The MMPI-2 is a structured personality test that assesses degree of psychopathology in terms of 10 different dimensions; hypochondrias, depression, hysteria, psychopathic deviate, masculinity-femininity, paranoia, psycho-asthenia, schizophrenia, mania and social introversion.

The three central factors of TAS are: 1. Results AN patients showed evidence of psychopathological symptoms than OB patients. Table Options View in workspace. Table 1: Comparisons between AN. Median Min.

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Table 2: Comparisons between AN. National Task Force on prevention and Treatment of Obesity Overweight, obesity and health risks. Arch Intern Med Compr Psychiatry Int J Eat Disord. Rosling A, Salonen Ros H, Swenne I One-year outcome and incidence of anorexia nervosa and restrictive eating disorders among adolescent girls treated as out-patients in a family-based setting. Ups J Med Sci J Psychiatr Res Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry J Clin Psychiatry. J Urol pii: S 16 Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. A critical review.

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