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The goal of Research4Life is to reduce the knowledge gap between high-income countries and low- and middle-income countries by providing affordable access to scholarly, professional and research information. The other Research4Life programmes include agriculture, health, environment, science and innovation. Often when you find the ideal text for the research, you have to buy it and often there is information that is not reliable.

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I believe it will be a very effective site not only for students but also for lawyers working on labour rights and gender issues. As part of his work to strengthen the rule of law in Zimbabwe, he provides support to judges, helping them obtain relevant legal literature.

He also seeks to promote the writing of more legal and academic articles. State courts matter. Not only do state courts handle more than sixty times the number of civil cases as federal courts, but they also represent an important bulwark against the effects of federal procedural retrenchment.

Ifeoma Ajunwa

Yet state courts and state procedure are notably absent from the scholarly discourse. In order to evaluate state procedure—and in […]. Will Delaware Be Different? Why do some venues evolve into litigation havens while others do not? This competition is framed by the party that chooses the venue.

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