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Ecotourism is a responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people What is…. Sustainable tourism is only achievable through the development of alternative and new forms of tourism. Critically discuss this statement with reference to one or more examples of alternative tourism in developed or developing countries. The development of Sustainable Tourism has allowed society to meet their own present needs, without compromising such needs of future generations Weaver and Lawton, Much attention in relation to sustainable tourism has been devoted to Alternative Tourism….

Login Join. Home Page Sustainable Tourism Essay. Open Document. In a time where the environment is an important economic and political issue, sustainability has become essential in the marketplace.

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Something is said to be sustainable when it has no negative impact on the environment or as minimal as possible. They also said they would have a better image of the company that actively invest in these kinds of initiatives.

Tourism and hospitality companies are attempting to capitalize on this image and market by creating multiple changes in company policies. Sustainable tourism places a broad-based obligation on society especially those involved with tourism.

Sustainable Tourism Development Essay

Things such as government involvement, education and the rising number of ecotourists have made sustainable tourism destinations very popular. An example of an organization that is promoting this sustainability is Parks Canada. Parks Canada enforces many rules in order for tourists to make the smallest impact possible on the environment and in turn make them ecotourists.

Tourists are only allowed to make fires with drift wood and should never cut trees or use vegetation. Also, because there are no washrooms or garbage cans at most of these parks, tourists are asked to use outhouses and pack up their garbage in order to protect the integrity of freshwater sources.

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The hospitality industry is also greatly involved in the sustainability market. Businesses often participate in environmentally friendly activities and advocate their greenness.. A hotel that advocates such environmentally friendly products and processes is Fairmont Hotels and Resorts.


Fairmont looks at the infrastructure and superstructure of sustainability in order to stay as green as possible. This includes creating a compost program with the kitchen service, redistribution of untouched foods to local shelters and a… Show More. Related Documents: Sustainable Tourism Essay. Tourism does have positive and negative as well as direct and indirect impacts on four main parts: the economy, the ecology, the socio-culture and the tourism policy.

Talking about sustainability and ecotourism emphasis has to be put on the ecological point of view. Concerning negative impacts on the environment Neto differentiates between a pressure on natural resources and damage to ecosystems. While a pressure on natural resources is mainly about using up land and fresh water, but also energy, food and basic raw materials, the ecosystem is damaged by waste and pollution of all kind.

Holden adds the aspect of behavioral consideration, for example crime, the disruption of breeding patterns of wildlife or tourists walking over corals or plants.

Sustainable tourism

But tourism does not only have negative impacts on the environment. There are many examples of cases where tourism positively influenced the environment of a place or even the whole destination.

Tourism is for example a way to protect the environment from more damage like logging or mining. It is also an important reason to maintain a high nature quality to attract tourists and for instance restore historical sights like the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids or Stonehenge, to create national and wildlife parks, to protect reefs and beaches like the Great barrier Reef or to maintain forests Cooper et al.

So tourism has to be integrated in the local and regional culture to create a high quality value of travel and an authentic culture and a planning of sustainable development and the recultivation of destinations, which do not correspond to those standards, is necessary. To find out where the natural capacity limit is reached at a certain destination, physical, psychological, biological and sociological aspects have to be considered.

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Sustainable Tourism Development Essay Example

But in most cases only physical conditions are regarded Lotter, To create sustainable tourism Lotter describes two options to act:. Add to cart. Introduction To talk about sustainability in tourism the term tourism first has to be characterized. To create sustainable tourism Lotter describes two options to act: - Corrective actions of regional planning and policy to prevent consecutive symptoms of the tourism development. Sign in to write a comment.