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It has led to the contamination of resources and the extinction of fragile natural resources like plants and microscopic animals. Hence, there is a need for urgent reformation in order to revive and protect endangered species and our environment. This reform should be in several parts. First, government should change its policy on exploration.

Exploration of natural resources should be on a needs basis. The members of the public must also be sensitized of the need to stop pollution. Finally, the efforts of environmentalist should be supplemented by government policies. Natural researches are blessings that nature has blessed us with.

It is paramount that they are used wisely, sustained and regenerated properly. If all these are done, then these gifts of nature can be enjoyed continuously and always. Natural resources comprise water, air, forest, sunlight, rock, land, petroleum, soil, minerals, and metal. There is unlimited availability of resources like land, wind, sunlight, and rock on earth.

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There are few natural resources that are categorized in the below two classifications:. Resources like fresh air, plants, land, water, and animals are few examples of renewable resources. These types of natural resources are available in inadequate quantity and you can never renew them with the help of human efforts. Resources like coal, petroleum, metals, and minerals are few examples of the non-renewal resources.

There are different uses of natural resources in our daily life. For example, Oxygen in the air is required by the human for breathing but oxygen is only created by trees. We get heat from the sunlight that fulfills our numerous daily needs. Moreover, the tree provides us with fruits, fresh air, wood, vegetables, etc. With the help of the wood, we can make furniture and produce paper. The other natural resources such as minerals, petroleum, coal, etc. These resources also help in producing different kinds of energy such as sunlight helps in creating solar energy, water helps in creating hydroelectric energy, the wind is used for producing wind energy, coal for producing electricity, etc.

Metals and minerals are utilized for making gold, coins, steel and numerous other things.

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There are few natural resources that are accessible on earth from the very ancient period like water, air, land, sunlight, animals, and plants. But some of the natural resources like minerals, metals, petroleum, and coal are establish owing to human efforts. The non-renewal resources like metals or petroleum are very limited on earth.

There are some particular areas where the reserves of these resources are present.

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The countries having abundant resources usually export them to the other nations in lieu of some amount of profit. For example, every nation has its dissimilar percentage of petroleum products and they do its export and import as per their consumption requirement.

The natural resources cannot be produced by human beings. At present, there are very fewer trees that are left on earth owing to the necessity of paper, wood, and land for the increasing population. It is very important to recognize the significance of natural resources like animals and forests or otherwise, the consequence will be dangerous for all of us. In the future, the life of a human on earth will be impossible without water and fresh air. Therefore, to evade these serious circumstances, we should plant more trees and constrict our ingestion of natural resources such as oil, electricity, water, etc.

Humans have to understand that the natural resources cannot be renewed and it took thousands of years for renewing them. We should utilize the natural resources judiciously and must not waste these natural resources. Natural resources are important for the existence of human beings.

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Without these resources, their life is not conceivable on earth. But humans are still using these natural resources without any obstruction. But it must be preserved as it will benefit our upcoming generations to relish the type of luxury and amenities that we are enjoying today. Natural resources include all forms of valued characteristics like electrical, gravitational, magnetic forces and properties etc.

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Natural resources on the earth include atmosphere, sunlight, land with all the minerals , water, crops, vegetation and even animals that exist naturally on or within the earth. There are a number of ways that natural resources can be classified. These methods of classification include renewability, development stage and their origin. Biotic — Resources that are gotten from our biosphere organic and living material are known as biotic resources.

Examples of biotic resources are animals and forests and all of the materials that we can obtain from them. Petroleum, coal and other fossil fuels are included in this classification because they are made out of organic matter that has decayed.

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Abiotic — Resources that are gotten form non-organic and non-living material are known as abiotic resources. Examples of abiotic resources are fresh water, land, earth metals that are rare, air and also heavy metals like ores of silver, copper, iron, gold, etc. Potential resources — resources that can be used only in or by the future are known as potential resources.

Examples of potential resource are the crude oil that are inside sedimentary rocks and if are not drilled out remains just potential resource until it is used. Actual resources — resources that are already qualified, quantified and surveyed and are been exploited and developed are known as actual resources. A good example of actual resources is wood processing which depends a lot on cost and technology.

Reserve resources — reserve resources is that part of a real and actual resource which can in the future be developed for profit. Stock resources — stock resources are the resources that have undergone surveillance but they cannot be used as a result of inadequacy of technology. An example is hydrogen. The major means of classifying natural resources is as renewable resources and non-renewable sources:.

Resources that can naturally replenish it are known as renewable resources.

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A few of the renewable resources like water, wind, air, sunlight, etc. Even though a lot of renewable resources have no fast recovery rate, all of these renewable resources are very prone to depletion through over-use. The classification of a resource as renewable from a human point of view is when the replenishment rate exceeds the consumption rate.

These are the resources that seldom form naturally in our environment or form extremely slowly. The most common non-renewable resources are minerals. From a human point of view, a resource is said to be non-renewable if the consumption rate exceeds the replenishment rate. A perfect example of non-renewable resources is fossil fuel.

They are non-renewable because their formation is very slow sometimes it takes millions of years to form. There are some natural resources that deplete naturally without the interference of humans, radioactive elements like uranium that decay naturally to form heavy metals are examples of natural resources that deplete on their own. Other examples are petroleum and coal which when used cannot be reused or recycle, on the other hand, natural resources like metallic minerals have the possibility of being reused and recycled.

It has become very important and necessary that we protect and manage the natural resources around us in order to save them from a total complete depletion and consumption. There is a field of discipline called management of natural resources. This discipline deals with the management and protection of all natural resources like water, land, plants, animals and even soil. There is a focus on how the management of resources impacts the quality and standard of life now in the present generation and also in the future generation.

Therefore, the appropriate use and employment of resources that will supply the present and the future generations is sustainable development. The successful management of all natural resources includes identifying the people that should use a particular resource and who should not and also setting the boundaries and limits of the resources. The management of the resources is done by people using the resources in accordance to the laid down rules that are governing the time frame and use of the resources based on the condition of the environment.

Natural resources are the resources provided to us by nature. Resources which are naturally available to us such as air, water, sunlight, earth and the entire environment around us all constitute natural resources.


They are vital for our survival. There are many ways in which classification of natural resources is done. For instance, based on their origin, the natural resources are categorised into two categories, biotic and abiotic. One should reduce the usage of electricity for their betterment only. There are some easy things which we can able to do at our home such as switch off the fan which they are in no use, switch of the lights before living your room, you should turn off the electrical appliances after using it, you should switch off the LED bulbs which can make the difference.

Trees give us paper, by many of the processes. More use of paper may lead to encouraging deforestation and it is one of the main causes in the modern world.