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If you drift off, regroup and continue. The use of sound as a dream trigger is found in many ancient meditation techniques used by yogis chanting OM, listening to bell tones, etc. Once addressed your success is guaranteed! Elias offers a lot of information that can be useful for understanding the nature of consciousness, how we create our own individual reality, and projections of consciousness.

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Out-of-Body Experience Frequently Asked Questions — a thorough overview on the origins of the out-of-body phenomenon in Western culture, with a sprinkling of Eastern roots, and a healthy measure of science and parapsychology by Jouni A. Lucidity Institute — founded by Stepen Laberge, Ph. Lucid Dreaming FAQ — a brief introduction to lucid dreaming — what it is, how to do it, and what can be done with it. There are several excellent sources of information on lucid dreaming, the most extensive of which is the Lucidity Institute website. The Monroe Institute — a nonprofit research and education organization based on membership.

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They promote the evolution of human consciousness through personal experience using an auditory-guidance process called Hemi-Sync. International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology — a non-profit Brazilian institution dedicated to applied consciousness research. The Institute, founded by Waldo Vieira, M. World of Lucid Dreaming — an informative website covering lucid dreaming that allows dreamers to network with each other, post dream journals, and much more.

The Lucid Dream Exchange — an independently published quarterly e-zine dedicated to educating and inspiring lucid dreamers everywhere. DreamGate — the Electric Dreams Community encompasses and serves many other communities online. DreamGate provides resources and support for many of the Communities activities, with bestserv mail lists, E-zine publications, Global News publications and Web sites. Articles on Dreaming — various articles have been written to introduce to the world of dreams and dreaming.

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The Alchera Suite — a software tool for dream interpretation and dream journaling. An overview with lots of recent brain research included. An overview of dreaming and its benefits, includes resources on the science of sleep, resource guides designed to help people with physical and mental illnesses sleep better, research on sleep disorders, reviews of products that claim to promote healthy sleep, etc. Evans-Wentz, Walter Y. Sparrow, Gregory S. Press, Virginia Beach, VA. In Memoriam Robert F.

Paul M. What are the Benefits of Lucid Dreaming? Personal viewpoints — what are your beliefs about lucid dreams? Motivation — be specific, why do you wish to pursue this experience? Special ability or talent — do you believe a special talent is required for lucid dreaming? Importance — on a scale of , how important is this type of exploration to your personal development? Desire — what benefits or information are you seeking?

Do you possess the inner desire and drive to follow through? Commitment — are you willing to commit 30 minutes a day for a month? Fears — identify your anxiety levels about engaging this pursuit. Do you fear the dark? The unknown? Are they logical or based on lack of information? Religious beliefs — is this a spiritual experience for you? Angels, essences, guides, teachers? Degree of Difficulty — do you believe that this is natural and easy to achieve?

Why do you feel this way? Confidence — are you confident you can achieve your goals? Expectations — What are your personal expectations?

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Do you expect positive results? Personal Issues or limits — are you aware of any personal issues that may limit your ability to have a lucid dream? If so, write them down. Goals — is this exploration a firm personal goal? Is it a written goal?

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Is it an important goal? Is it a priority? Next Steps — The Awakening Identifying and recognizing your beliefs about the dream and waking states — what is your definition of consciousness? How are your waking states like your dream states? How do you consciously know when you are in each? Improving your dream recall — begin keeping a daily dream journal. Engage ALL of your senses. This activity helps you to learn to recognize your own personal imagery and provide motivation for accomplishing.

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