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5 SAT Essay Tips for a Great Score

However, before guessing, always try and eliminate at least one incorrect answer choice. Pay attention. Make sure you're placing your answers in the correct number space and section on your answer sheet. It's easy to place your answer in the wrong place if you're not paying close attention. Budget your time. Pace yourself! This test is timed. Only spend a few moments on the easy questions and no more than a minute or two on the harder questions.

Don't forget that the SAT consists of several small, timed, tests. Its easy to loose track of time so make sure to pay attention to how much time is allotted for each test and how much time is remaining as you proceed through each section. Pacing yourself requires practice so practice, practice, practice.

Easy questions first. A rule of thumb is that easy questions on the SAT typically precede harder questions. Make sure you understand the question. Make sure that you fully understand each question before you answer it. If you've taken a lot of practice tests you'll be tempted to answer questions you recall from practice tests.

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Make sure to answer the questions being asked and not those from practice tests. Bring a watch or timer. Don't forget to bring your own stop watch to the testing center. There isn't always an accurate clock at the testing center. Know what to expect on the test.

You need to know the types of questions to expect on the SAT. One of the best strategies for the sentence completion section is to complete each sentence in your mind using your own words BEFORE looking at the answers. Once you've completed the sentence in your own words identify the selection choice the is closest to your answer. Don't rush through each selection. Don't waste time but make sure to review all the answers before selecting the best choice.

If you come across words you're unfamiliar with use the context of the sentence to figure out what they mean. One common mistake that students make is that they tend to overlook the reversing effect of negative words such as not or prefixes such as un-. Allow transition words, such as likewise and although, to suggest the better answer. If you just can't figure out what a word means, think about other words you know that have similar prefixes, roots, or suffixes. Eliminate choices in double-blank questions if the first word doesn't make sense in the sentence. Identify the main idea of each passage.

Always make sure to read the italicized introductory text. Always answer the easy questions first.

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Come back and answer the more difficult questions once you've answered all the questions you know the answer to. Use the line referenced numbers that appear in the questions to find the correct spot in each passage. You should limit your answer for reading comprehension questions to what is stated or implied in the passages.

Read each passage through at least once before reading the associated questions. The most important sentences of each paragraph are the first and the last. Pay particular attention to these sentences. Don't waste time memorizing the details of each passage. First, answer all the questions for the topics that you are familiar with.

Afterwards, go back and answer the questions for the topics you are unfamiliar with. Some reading comprehension passages are presented in pairs. In order to see how these passages relate read the brief introduction first. Focus the majority of your time answering the questions -- not reading and re-reading the text.

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There is no shortcut to improving your critical reading skills other than practice. Answer questions as you read. You don't have time to read entire passages, then read the questions, and then come back to the passage to re-find the answer. Start by reading the first question and then read what you need to in order to answer it.

You'll be asked to write a relatively short words , persuasive essay on a specific topic that will be provided to you. Make sure to structure your essay based on the 5 paragraph essay format which includes an Introduction, Body about 3 paragraphs , and Conclusion. You're provided 25 minutes to complete the written essay portion of the test. Read the essay question as quickly as possible and spend about 5 minutes thinking about the topic you've been asked to address.

Spend about 15 minutes writing your essay. Spend the remaining 5 minutes reviewing your essay and editing your grammar. The introduction paragraph of your persuasive essay should clearing state your position on the topic you're writing about and introduce your thesis statement. The introduction should also include 3 points that support your position. The body paragraphs should provide specific detail and examples to support each of your points. Your essay's conclusion should summarize your position by restating your thesis statement in a shortened form.

Keep your writing clear, concise and simple. Don't use words and "filler" text that is not needed to support your position. Read only what is need to answer a given question. Most questions can be answer with only a few sentence from a passage. Make sure you understand the relationship between ideas, including Reinforcement, Contract, Cause-and-effect, and Sequence. Think hard about each question before attempting to answer it. Each usage and sentence correction question is based on an individual sentence. Each question is designed to test your knowledge of basic sentence structure, grammar, and word choice. Make sure to read each question carefully so that you understand what is required before you answer it.

Paragraph correction questions are based on two passages.

There are typically several questions presented for each passage. Since there is no penalty for guessing make sure to answer all the questions even if you don't know the answer. There are no negative answers in the student produced response math section. So if you come up with a negative answer, you'll need to try again. Due to the factors that are used to judge your essay are so superficial, one way to guarantee a higher score is by using a few recognizable advanced vocabulary words per paragraph.

When the grader sees you have used an advanced word, he or she will give you credit for your vocabulary as a part of your grade. Your essay must be five paragraphs, even if your conclusion paragraph is only one sentence. Graders will want to see five paragraphs—introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion—in your essay.

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So, make sure you leave yourself enough time to write five paragraphs. Use the last few minutes of your allotted time to proofread your work, fixing errors in spelling, grammar, and logic. Just use quotation marks and provide a line citation after the quoted text.