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The fact that she could return to her old life at the flip of a hat put a negative outlook on her experiment.

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Only researching and experiencing temporary poverty could be considered shallow; there is a total difference when being stuck in it. Most of the people she had the pleasure or displeasure of meeting had been stuck in their own mess without any mop to clean it up with even when working as a maid. Her circumstance also included an inappropriate male roommate.

Even if she could have left her living arrangement to escape this female menace, she could not come up with the rent money by herself. Many other employees suffered from similar problems. The lack of financial stability dealt them a horrid hand when pertaining to housing, food, necessities, health, and other important needs. That was their reality. The reality of the author, however, allowed her to revert back to her successful woman status. For this reason, I believe her methods were a bit unrealistic. Her tales of others were more accurate than her persona.

However she admits that not everyone with a high status can survive the grueling nightmare most of these jobs can be, and that is good enough for me. Stating her solution, Ms. Barbara believes that in order to solve this issue, the low-class workers should be paid more for what they are worth.

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More money is her solution. Although most people would agree that money equals power, there are some problems that more money cannot fix alone. By increasing the pay of those who work low-pay jobs, there could be an imbalance in society.

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Along with increased wages, there should be better treatment of employees, respect as people, and aid for those who need it. However, the employees have to be willing to work out of their situations instead of living in them. What else can be said about Nickel and Dimed? There were many positive aspects of the book. The pros of Nickel and Dimed really draw a perspective that most people do not think about. Not all people with jobs are well off. Ehrenreich provides readers with insight of people in the working world struggling to make it the next ay or year with the dead-beat jobs they have.

A person who does not know how to help most-likely will not be able to assist. There are other matters beside the need of money that need to be addressed. Critical Review Analysis: Nickel and Dimed. Accessed October 18, We will write a custom paper sample on Critical Review Analysis: Nickel and Dimed specifically for you.

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