Media and violence essay

The media includes different means of communication, such as television, radio, newspapers, video games; internet etc.

An Analysis of the Video The Mean World Syndrome and the Sociological Impacts of Media Violence

People make use of media as a source of information, entertainment and leisure activity Brown, , p. However, people have ability to evaluate and decide what they hear, see or read based on their social experiences, ethnic origin, social class and gender Brown, , p. Now, the questions arise as, what is the relationship between media violence and the violence in the society? Whether media violence cause people to behave violently or it desensitizes people?

Throughout this century, sociologists and researchers have examined these issues and have attempted to explain or disprove it using different theories and researches. In the first place, the media plays great role in shaping values, attitudes and behaviour through norm setting agenda. It reinforces conformity to social norms and discourages non-conformist behaviour Brown, , p. It also provides other information that the society feels important like weather and health.

However, conflict approach declares that the media controls ideas and thoughts of the society through agenda setting and gate keeping Brown, , p. In addition to that, the media used to enlarge the news of crime and violence to keep people occupied with these issues. For example, attacks older people, stabbing, raping and gang fights get over reported Brown, ,p.

So, it leaves the viewers in a discussion of unanswered questions. This promotes ideology and influence of what media wants on people Giddens, , p. The gratification model audience uses the media for what they want and ignore the rest. Instead, hypodermic model audience what they hear, see or read without thinking about it Giddens, , p. This leads to aggressive behaviour, attitudes and loss of problem solving strategies cited in Funk et. It also effects moral evaluation, as a result the viewer fails to perceive or respond to signs Eron, , cited in Funk et.

Desensitization occurs due to repeated exposure to real life violence Ceballo et al. Likewise, fictional violence like movies and video games also contribute to the violence behaviour Funk et. Furthermore, desensitization is divided into two categories. When, the viewer show numbing or blunting of emotional reaction to violent events is called emotional desensitization. When people start reacting that violence is nothing extraordinary, it is kind of daily routine is called cognitive desensitization Funk et al.

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In this study, the children who viewed violent movie needed adult help to avoid the aggressive thinking towards the scenes. As the levels of violent crime have decreased in recent times when violence in the media is still at a significant level, this supports the view that violence in the media does not produce violence in the real world, even though individual cases of violence are often blamed on media violence. Even though the media does affect society in different ways it is not proven that violence in the media produces violence in the real world and seems unlikely due to the simple fact that many people who 'enjoy' violent media are not violent themselves.

Now that this is established, it is important to discuss why individuals do become violent, whether it is because of a poor upbringing or unfortunate circumstances where violence has been seen as acceptable, whether it is due to psychological problems or the use of psychiatric prescription drugs which have side effects including thoughts of killing others, aggression and suicidal and homicidal tendencies or indeed because of exposure to violent material combined with any of the above reasons for violence.

There is not one sole reason for violence in the real world. It is however possible that violent media can influence an already violent person into committing violent acts, although as sociologists would argue, media does not produce new behaviours which are not already established in an individual or society as a whole. The question 'does violence in the media produce violence in the real world' is one which is too large and with too many possible answers to condense into a 'yes' or 'no' answer.

It is more appropriate to suggest that in some cases media violence may well produce violence in the real world because a constant exposure to violence may well disrupt any natural aversion to it. However, in other situations there are a vast range of causes of violence such as the ones listed above.

The complete lack of acknowledgment that violent and distressing images on the news and in newspapers can have just as negative an effect on individuals as an exposure to other forms of violent media shows that these news outlets do not actually believe that violent media produces violence in the real world.

Violence in the Media

Instead they produce a scapegoat to appease 'consumers' who want a definite cause and answer instead of accepting the fact that there might not be one complete cause for violence in the real world. Consequently, in general, violence in the media overwhelmingly does not cause violence in the real world, however in some cases violence in the media can influence a person to act out premeditated violence.

Editorial and Opinion sociology of media real world violence media violence. I totally agree with comments above that this content is absolutely well written. Some think that media violence influences people a lot and brings violence into their real life. Though, Others think it has not such a great influence on people. Besides people often only think or say cruel things but never bring them to life. Ugrade to Premium Membership to feature this review at the top of your content and also on listings across the site.

With only two friends, no family, and a bad reputation, her life is not going too well.

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Essay: The Effects of Violence in Media on Society Today

More Details. Submitted: February 25, Icomment enabled. Icomment on. In Graeme Burton's book Media and Society: Critical Perspectives , he says, ' Some research has suggested that childhood viewing of violence may be related to aggressive behaviour in adulthood.

Bill Clinton, former president of the United States once said: 'The more children see of violence, the more numb they are to the deadly consequences of violence. Buckingham states , 'Despite decades of research, the proof of a connection between violent television and aggressive behaviour is at best weak However, according to the Office for National Statistics : 'The latest police recorded violence figures show a reduction in volume of 7 percent Add Your Comments:.

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Comment 2 words. Comment 87 words. Become a Premium Member. More Editorial and Opinion Essays. Synonyms For Trump by Mike S. The United States of Arrogance. The United States of Arrogance by csgraham. Martial arts games are the most popular sold to underage people; most of which have a rating that is intended for adults. As we get more and more technologically advanced, video games become profoundly more realistic with much more blood and gore.

Media Violence and the Effects on Youth Essays - Words | Cram

Most kids these days have at least one video game console and definitely have at least one martial arts game, so it is easy to comprehend how video games are another form of media violence that are accessible and have a tremendous impact on children. In conclusion, television, music, and video games are all avenues of entertainment that can be fun and sometimes educational for kids. However, these medias can be a horrific influence on children, depending on the content.

Children are extremely impressionable and if exposed to violent television, music or video games, they will start to emulate that show, artist or song, or video game with their behavior.