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The stall is also brightly illuminated. No doubt, it is doing a roaring business.

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Then a few stalls away, traditional medicine sellers promote their medicine. They use a microphone to speak and a loudspeaker to spread their voice. Because of that, a big crowd of customers will take a look and buy their products. All of that bring a festive atmosphere in the night market. There are loud and happy music like clashing of cymbals and beating of drums, children's laughter, hawkers' call and teenagers' giggling.

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Everyone is in a holiday mood - enjoying the tasty food and drinks and unwinding after a hard day's work. By about 9 p. Some of them remain to get some last minute selling done.

"Building Managed vs Non-Managed Marketplaces" - Ezra Galston, The Starting Line

This is the last one. Furthermore, most vendors have a hard life, trying to make both ends meet. They really need to make some profits each night. Although the night market is very crowded and noisy, but the hawkers and customers will come back again and again because the night market is where things are cheaper as there are no middlemen to make a profit for themselves. A very good resource can do the writings for DigitalEssay. Anyone seeking for finance support should contact them on lfdsloans outlook.

Posted by essay Not only I got the opportunity to visit an amazing place, but I actually got lost in it! Sure, being happy about getting lost is a strange feeling, but finding yourself in an amazing place is the best thing that can happen to a person. That is the only way you can really feel the surrounding and honestly, no vacation is a real vacation if you do not get lost.


My strange new place was this fountain somewhere in Malaga, Spain. I went there on a one-week vacation that was supposed to be relaxing and fun but turned out to be much more.

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  • Being lost and on my own in a place where I knew no one was a true adventure. The simple act of trying to communicate with people you do not know is the most warming thing you can experience, especially in this city. I was amazed by how little English these people spoke. They smiled to other people on the street and had daily walks with their three or four dogs.

    The market lady did not speak a word of English but kept on smiling while fighting to find a way to tell me what it is I need to do.

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    No one was sad, angry or mean. It was the perfect strange place in the world. The fountain I mentioned was not at all extraordinary or special. Still, it is my biggest impression from Malaga. It was actually water that came out of sixteen holes in the ground and reached the same height all the time. As I said, nothing special. But still, when you get lost in a spot where you know no one and nothing, you are bound to count the holes in the ground.