The american dream dead alive or on hold essay

1. The American Dream Essay

There is no simple answer. One factor is that poor minorities have stronger informal safety nets and social support, such as families and churches, than do their white counterparts.

Psychologists also find that minorities are more resilient and much less likely to report depression or commit suicide than are whites in the face of negative shocks, perhaps due to a longer trajectory of dealing with negative shocks and challenges. Another critical issue is the threat and reality of downward mobility for blue-collar whites, particularly in the heartland of the country where manufacturing, mining, and other jobs have hollowed out.

Andrew Cherlin of Johns Hopkins University finds that poor black and Hispanic people are much more likely than poor white people to report that they live better than their parents did. Poor whites are more likely to say they live worse than their parents did; they, in particular, seem to be living the erosion of the American dream. Why does this matter? My research from a decade ago — since confirmed by other studies — found that individuals who were optimistic about their futures tended to have better health and employment outcomes.


Those who believe in their futures tend to invest in those futures, while those who are consumed with stress, daily struggles and a lack of hope, not only have less means to make such investments, but also have much less confidence that they will pay off. The starkest marker of lack of hope in the US is a significant increase in premature mortality in the past decade — driven by an increase in suicides and drug and alcohol poisoning and a stalling of progress against heart disease and lung cancer — primarily but not only among middle-aged uneducated white people.

Mortality rates for black and Hispanic people, while higher on average than those for whites, continued to fall during the same time period. The reasons for this trend are multi-faceted. One is the coincidence of an all-too-readily-available supply of drugs such as opioids, heroin and fentanyl, with the shrinking of blue-collar jobs — and identities - primarily due to technological change.

The identity of the blue-collar worker seems to be stronger for white people than for minorities, meanwhile.

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While there are now increased employment opportunities in services such as health, white males are far less likely to take them up than are their minority counterparts. Lack of hope also contributes to rising mortality rates, as evidenced in my latest research with Sergio Pinto. On average, individuals with lower optimism for the future are more likely to live in metropolitan statistical areas MSAs with higher mortality rates for to year-olds.

Desperate people are more likely to die prematurely, but living with a lot of premature death can also erode hope. Higher average levels of optimism in metropolitan areas are also associated with lower premature mortality rates. These same places tend to be more racially diverse, healthier as gauged by fewer respondents who smoke and more who exercise , and more likely to be urban and economically vibrant.

Yet by contrast, away from the US, they have not had a similar increase in premature mortality.


One reason may be stronger social welfare systems — and stronger norms of collective social responsibility for those who fall behind — in Europe. Ironically, part of the problem may actually be the American dream. Blue-collar white people — whose parents lived the American dream and who expected their children to do so as well — are the ones who seem most devastated by its erosion and yet, on average, tend to vote against government programmes. In contrast, minorities, who have been struggling for years and have more experience multi-tasking on the employment front and relying on family and community support when needed — are more resilient and hopeful, precisely because they still see a chance for moving up the ladder.

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There are high costs to being poor in America, where winners win big but losers fall hard. Indeed, the dream, with its focus on individual initiative in a meritocracy, has resulted in far less public support than there is in other countries for safety nets, vocational training, and community support for those with disadvantage or bad luck. Carol Graham is the author of Happiness for All? Do you believe the American dream is dead? Please share your experiences in confidence at inequality.

White despair, minority hope My research began by comparing mobility attitudes in the US with those in Latin America, a region long known for high levels of poverty and inequality although with progress in the past decades. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Better Essays words 1. People have different views on what the American dream really is. Brandon King questions whether people still believe in the American dream or have they completely lost their desire to achieve the American dream due to the recessions, economic hardships that Americans face.

Is The American Dream Dead?

Better Essays words 2. The sky is the limit to what you can build, and what can happen to you and your family" expressed Sanford I. The American Dream is still alive and obtainable. Many people have a definition of what the American Dream that is obtainable in their minds. People all have unique individual lives. One of the reasons that the American Dream is still alive is that there are so many opportunities everyday America is perceived as the land were endless opportunities are available. King speech is more like a testimony of truth, rather than a speech.

The American Dream: Dead, Alive, or on Hold? by Brandon King - Essay

At the time of his speech African Americans were not free, while the Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal. In baseball, the same ideals can be seen. While it has its flaws, baseball gives every player an equal chance to be successful within the game. It would be impossible to look at this great game, without thinking about the american dream. In a perfect world, everyone will be successful if they work hard. Unfortunately, our society is not perfect, and this is not always the case Better Essays words 4 pages. Martin Luther King Jr. For example, Dr.

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  8. The starling pokemon aren't the only things up in the air today, and that would soon be noticed. The sound of a powerful engine roaring could be heard from afar, along with multiple propellers as their blades beat in their fast merry-go-round motion King starts his speech by recalling the Emancipation Proclamation which gave hope to those who were bound by slavery. Yet this hope has definitely faded. One hundred years later African Americans are still in captivity.

    Although slavery does not exist, those of color are bound by the color of their skin.