Debt collection cover letter

It instead limits the time that debt is legally enforceable. You can customize this sample credit letter and send it to debt collectors who continue to attempt collections on a debt that has an expired statute of limitations. Be careful that you don't say anything in your letter that could restart the statute of limitations.

Even acknowledging that you owe the debt can restart the clock, giving the collector more time to sue you. Many people instinctively call their credit card issuer when they spot a billing error. It's a quicker way to get errors cleared up because the credit card issuer can start investigating right away.

But, a written billing error dispute letter is necessary if you want the card issuer to abide by the Fair Credit Billing Act.

Debt Collection Letter Template Samples

The law requires creditors to investigate your dispute as long as your letter is sent within a specific timeframe. It also allows you to withhold payment for the disputed amount while the investigation is underway. Credit card issuers have to give a day advance notice before they raise a fixed interest rate.

You can opt-out, essentially rejecting the interest rate increase , but you must do it in writing within the opt-out period. My effective leadership and problem solving abilities make me the perfect candidate for the position. With over 10 years of experience as a Debt Collector, I can apply a unique combination of skills to achieve positive outcomes when managing the challenges of this role.

Much more than documents.

I have a reputation for collecting on accounts otherwise considered uncollectable. During my experiences in both the leasing and finance sectors, I have met every single quota that was put before me, and in many cases, I have collected double the amount that I was required to in every given month. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience to set up a time to discuss how I can benefit Bayne Enterprises.

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Collection Letter Clerical Error Example

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