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Flowers for Algernon 5

Show More. The theme for the film and novel of Flowers for Algernon was intolerance.

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Intolerance can be defined as a lack of tolerance for a person. Throughout the novel, Charlie was mistreated by people who did not give him the patience he needed.

Charlie was shown a great deal of intolerance when the workers at the bakery turned against him. He had always been a dedicated, hard worker at the bakery and Mr. Donner fired him because the other men felt inferior towards him.

Flowers For Algernon Persuasive Essay Essay

Charlie soon realized that getting smarter worsened his life and changed his original beliefs. At first he thought if he became smarter he would have more friends but eventually he realized how cruel and unjust society could be. Charlie was also rejected by his mother Rose. When Charlie was a child, she would often scold him, yet he never knew any better.

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Later after the operation when he is smart he says " Daniel Keyes point of view of improving intelligence by artificial means, is that he is against it. In the end he told through Charlie in an odd way that he had wished he never would have had the operation because he now people will have seen how he was once mentally challenged, then became smart and then became slower again.

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Flowers for Algernon Essay

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