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Y to get Being a broken hurts! It is the collapse of a God intended design. Children can get robbed of a special experience and protection called "Family". They move on in their lives as individuals without the understanding of what familial security and bond is. They look out into the world and wonder…. These might include arranged marriages, family obligations, the legal establishment of a nuclear family unit, the legal protection of children and public declaration of commitment. Family is the basic components of the society. And we believes….

Parental Involvement And Children 's Educational Success

Out of the many ways children can be affected here are four key examples. Divorce forces a child to grow up in a broken home, it can change the way a child feels towards one parent, they may have problems maintaining healthy relationships with people, and it may just change the way they view marriage as a whole. Personally my parents were never married but the effects of their separation on me where the same as if they were divorced. Growing up in a broken home is not a healthy…. Everyone who has ever listened to the news has heard the dismal statistics of adolescents coming from broken homes.

It is obvious that each individual within the family is trying to create their own escape from their family responsibility. Tom, Laura, and Amanda are all facing different adversity while trying to escape their reality.

Throughout the play each of these characters are forcefully trying to live a life that they are not equipped to live. The play exemplifies how each of the characters damaged self is not only from their broken home but, also from their unfulfilled…. What Happened to Ward and June Cleaver? Marriage is no longer the revered union that it once was.

Having a Broken Family on the Academic Performance of the Fourth Year Students Essay Sample

Divorce is clearly on the rise since the days of yesteryear that depicted happy families in the favorable image of Ward and June Cleaver. He further pointed out that students perform better in school if their parents as well as mothers are actively involved in their education. Globally, Hargreaves , reported that in Germany students with parents who are involved in their school tend to have fewer problems, and better academic performance and are more likely to complete high school than students who are not involved in their school. Good grades require positive effects of parental involvement that have to be demonstrated at both elementary and secondary levels across several studies with the largest effect often occurring at elementary level where numeracy, literacy as well as values of human development are very essential.

Atieno emphasizes that the quest for provision of quality education continues to a matter that continues to be cherished by both consumers and providers of education in Kenya and the entire developing world. Bandura stated that behavior is shaped in part through observational and direct learning experiences.

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Learning takes a course of interactive actions and reactions which implies that it is learning by copying from parents and that everything children do is by and through socialization. It is important to note that education process and success is positively impacted by favorable home learning opportunities such as parents encouraging that their children have the right feeding, have security, and are happy and calm. They further reported that creating a positive physical and mental atmosphere in the home helps to prepare students to be ready and able to learn.

The relationship family socio-economic status and the academic performance has been well established in sociological research. Regionally, according to , report by a task force on improving the performance of public secondary schools commissioned by the Kenya governor in Nairobi Evans Kidero, the transition rate from primary to secondary schools in the city was at all the time low. Kevin Marjori banks and Mboya used such combination of family structures to examine differences in the academic goal orientation of African students in South Africa.

The findings indicated that while measures of refined family influences are related to goal orientations, there continue to be unmediated differences for students from social status background and from urban rural location in an examination of differences in the academic performance. In East Africa the demand for secondary education has been increasing over time due to increase in enrolment of pupils in primary schools. It has resulted into overcrowding of classrooms and general lack of scholastic materials that has necessitated the involvement of parents to cater for the learning of their children.

Effects on having a broken family in education Essay

This is because the family background and the context of the child affect her reaction to life situations and his level of performance. Uwaifo asserts that parents and the individuals experience at home play a tremendous role in making the child what he or she is.

A sad story about a broken family.

Involvement of the parents will make students achieve more, exhibit more positive attitudes and behavior and feel more comfortable in the environment. The increasing demand of secondary education has necessitated secondary schools and provision of the requirements for learning materials. The public resources are limited and governments have introduced public-private partnership where the private sector has become another key player particularly at post basic levels to meet the excess demand. Consequently provision of quality secondary education has been constrained Wedgwood, Emeke has attributed the causes of poor performance to the combination of personal and institutional factors.

Personal factors related to individuals are family or parental influences, societal influences, institutional influences and school related, students, teachers related factors, accommodation and living conditions. Wise man et al have examined the causes of poor academic performance among secondary school students.

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Some of these factors identified include intellectual ability, poor study habits, achievements, motivation, lack of vocational goals, low self-content, low social economic status of the family, poor family structures and anxiety. The consequences of this include indiscipline in schools and low levels of educational standards. Lack of and priority attrition being paid to our schools and education of our students with disabilities in the past constituted reasons for their poor academic performance Jimon He further said that the combination of poverty and disability in life of secondary school students has imposed serious hardships and their devastating psychological effects on students.

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The physical disability requires some level of resources for one to catch up with the social and economic endeavors as well as achieving the standards of academic expectations in society. It has been estimated that lack of sufficient teachers in secondary schools which is believed to have devastating effect on academic performance of students in secondary schools. This corresponds with Aleke , she stated that developing a society or a nation encompasses both provision of physical infrastructures and carefully raising of manpower. Indeed it is the possibility and success wholly rests on education.

For this reason, teachers have to be sufficient in order to ensure educational achievements.

Having said this Aleke said that are hubs of the educational system and the success of any educational system depends on their numbers, quality and devotion. According to Okedije , the education opportunities of the children are clearly related to the socio-economic background of the parents.

Children of elite have better education opportunities than the children of non-elite parents, students of elite groups since they possess the academic qualifications, consequently, it imperative that the principle inheritance for them is sound education. Many students found themselves rejected and dejected by adults just because their parents are unable to support them adequately.

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The school system is failing to plan curriculum to provide them with alternative schools or equip them with practical schools. Ajila et al , states that the home affects the individual since the parents are the first socialing agents. Having to deal with separated parents can sometimes also be much harder than if one were to grieve their loss through death.

Some people, however, swing to the opposite end by denying that it affects them. They try to go on merrily in their lives projecting an image that they are handling it well. The truth is, there is a world of difference between what one experiences in a healthy family versus one that is broken. It does not, however, spell condemnation or doom in your life.

You can do something about it. This implies that they need to take time to identify the feelings and thoughts that are running through them. To ask all the questions they need to ask, and then allow themselves to grieve through this loss. Only when they know what they feel, can they learn to overcome it, and move on with better strength, positiveness and hope. And dependent upon the society beyond the family Handel, There is a general social expectation that parents have an obligation to give care to the children they have begotten and that each of their children has a rightful claim upon this care.